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Welcome to Our Web Site

Thanks for stopping by. We're delighted to have you browse through our site. But we also believe that your time is valuable. So, here's a quick precis of what we do here.

We're a company with a very specialized charter. We specialize in recruiting IT and software sales and pre-sales people, sales, technical and project managers, product and process consultants and applications instructors.

We deal primarily with apps software vendors, e-commerce infrastructure companies, and other enterprise software vendors. We often work with established companies like Oracle and PeopleSoft, but, like most other recruiters lately, we've been doing a lot of business with dot-coms and pre-IPO companies.

Can we help you?

We encourage you to visit our FAQ List, News and Hiring pages to learn about our active clients. If you're looking for a new position, a pre-IPO opportunity or a change of scenery, we'd like to talk with you.

Please understand that we follow a rigorous evaluation model, and that many candidates we speak with do not get past the evaluation phase. We're looking for goodness of fit with the companies we serve, a record of consistent overachievement and empirical evidence of a family of traits we find indispensible to software sales.

If that strikes you as a challenge you'd like to accept, we really want to talk to you.

Please review our offerings

So, that's our focus. Please stay as long as you like, take a look at our current clients and openings, and feel free to contact us if any position here captures your fancy.

A Parting Promise

Often, the resume of a candidate for one of our clients would be equally at home with another of our clients. However, we pledge that no materials you provide us will be shared with any clients but those you authorize.

We are not a traditional, headhunting recruiter. We do maintain a candidate database, but the same rule applies; we will not present you to any employer without requesting your permission, however long it's been since we first met.

Good luck, and thanks again for the visit.

2000. Selection Strategies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.